Favored of the Gods, Biography of William Walker

Title: Favored of the Gods, Biography of William Walker
Author: Alejandro Bolaños Geyer
Place of publication: Masaya, Nicaragua
Editor: Privately
Year: 2002
Pages: 224

William Walker, the Gray-Eyed Man of Destiny, "king of the filibusters," and true representative of manifest-destiny America was the hottest news personality between the Mexican War and the Civil War for several years one of the most talked of figures in the United States.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1824, Walker was a quiet, modest student until1849, when the death of his fiancée transformed him into a daring, dauntless, revolutionist and warrior. Up to now, that change has never been explained satisfactorily, for Walker was always a mystery to his friends and contemporaries. This biography, originally published in five volumes -2,028 pages- for the first time advances a logical explanation of Walker's personality and deeds.